Saturday, October 17, 2015

American Heritage Girls Pathfinders - Loving God - I-Spy Creation Bags

This year I decided to do something different than the creation quilt for our Loving God stepping stone. (It was way adult-helper intensive last year.) It was fun and the kids loved it - but, I've got 9 Pathfinders now instead of the 3 I did this project with previously.

At VBS this summer, I did a creation craft with the kids that I thought would be PERFECT for our Pathfinders: I-Spy Creation Bags.

my daughter's VBS version

The supplies I used were as follows:

Day 1 – LIGHT - black & yellow loom rubber bands knotted together
Day 2 – SKY & SEAS - blue, shiny gift packaging/Easter egg grass type stuff
Day 3 – FLOWERS, PLANTS, & TREES - fake flower or greenery
Day 4 – SUN, MOON, & STARS - bead stars
Day 5 – SEA ANIMALS & BIRDS - bead sea animal & feather
Day 6 – LAND ANIMALS & MAN - sticker land animal & foam faces
Day 7 – God RESTED - nothing

I brought 4"x 6" sealing baggies from Hobby Lobby, thick masking tape, and rice as well. Don't over-fill the bags, they need to be able to move the rice around to find all the items within. The masking tape is to cover the ends of the sealed baggie so no little hands "accidentally" open their I-Spy bag.

We went through each day of creation (them reminding me what God made that day) and they each got to pick their item to put in their bag. They loooooooved it! At the end, we wrote the girls' names on the masking tape section so we'd know whose was whose.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

American Heritage Girls - Pathfinders End of Year Bridging Ceremony

We had our end of year ceremony a couple of weeks ago - and it was so cute and precious and fun. I made these badge holders for each of the girls with a ribbon and foam and a hot glue gun. I left a little extra ribbon behind the name so I could fasten a safety pin on the back so they could attach to the Pathfinder and the badges wouldn't get lost. The hot glue on the badges (just a little strip) worked great (my own daughter tried to peel off the badges - which, they do come off if they are peeled).

Each unit had a table displaying what the kids worked on this year. I decorated ours with a creation quilt, ACT LOVE WALK canvas, personal flag, 1st meeting Pathfinder craft drawing, our CREED stick (pink streamers), an American flag, and the Pathfinder book.

Each unit did a little presentation. I printed out legal-sized papers listing what the girls accomplished in each stepping stone, and each girl got to tell about what they did (I had to coach them a little).

Then, my co-leader pinned their badges on their shirts and they got to walk over the bridge where the Tenderhearts were waiting to welcome them and give them their new book and uniform.

Friday, April 24, 2015

American Heritage Girls - Pathfinders - NEXT STEP

For the Next Step stepping stone, I got off easy! One of our Pioneers in our group needed to work on a requirement for her level award which was - lead a meeting of a younger unit! PERFECT!

I asked her to talk about the different units: the requirements, uniform, badges AND tell the troop about some of her favorite badges she's earned. She also worked on another badge requirement and had the girls do a fashion show while learning about the importance of modesty.

We have one last meeting to go over the Bible verse for this section and I'm going to use it to prepare them for the end of year ceremony and their "presentation." I am also going to have them make their own beads using red, white, and blue Sculpey polymer clay and have them on their necklaces. We'll also finish our paper bag book by all the girls drawing themselves on the back of their books - with the label "My AHG Friends."

At the Bridging Ceremony, I'm going to give each girl their level award, their Soles4Souls service patch, their completed paper bag book, and their necklace with their clay beads on them before they walk over the bridge and are given their vest, neckerchief, and handbook. I will give their parents this HANDOUT of the requirements for the Joining Award that they'll need to complete before they can receive any badges they earn as a Tenderheart along with a service hours tracking sheet.

Each of our units will have a table to display stuff/pictures that they've worked on this year so all the parents can see what all the groups do. I'm going to have the girls color the banner that says PATHFINDERS and place all the things they've made at our meetings on the table.

It's been a great year with the new Pathfinders program! My Pathfinders are all ready to move up and be Tenderhearts!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

American Heritage Girls Pathfinders - Serving My Community - Soles4Souls Service Project

Back in the fall, AHG sent out a leader guide (Fall 2014) listing some service opportunities. One of them included Pathfinders! I asked all the parents of my Pathfinders if they'd be interested in collecting pairs of shoes to donate to a Soles4Souls service project and they all agreed.

"Soles4Souls is a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.  The organization advances its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used shoes and clothes from individuals, schools, faith-based institutions, civic organizations and corporate partners, then distributing those shoes and clothes both via direct donations to people in need and by provisioning qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs in poor and disadvantaged communities." -

So, yesterday was the big turn-in day (I just invited Pathfinders, 1. because I've got to transport the shoes to a donation site, and 2. because I wanted them to have a special service project just for them). The girls brought 5 to 10 pairs of shoes each!

I explained to them how the program works and where their shoes will be going to - children all over the world who need shoes or to people who can sell them to make money for their families. They learned first hand how they can serve their GLOBAL community!

Because they completed the service requirements (all the information and requirements are located in the Fall 2014 leader guide near the end - each AHG level has different requirements), they will earn a BADGE at the end of the year bridging ceremony! They are very excited! I am thankful for the kids (and parents') hearts for this project!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

American Heritage Girls - Pathfinders - Honor My Country Thank You Cards

To continue teaching the Pathfinders what it means to honor our country, I chose to give them the opportunity to decorate cards for active troops and veterans.

I researched various organizations that accept cards for disbursement to troops, and came across  A Million Thanks. "We are asking individuals, schools, churches, businesses, and other organizations to write cards, letters, emails, and prayer messages of appreciation for our military, past and present. It is our goal to see that our military – active, reserve, and veterans – receive these messages, whether they are serving at home, abroad, or are injured in hospitals."

So I came up with a simple card for the girls to decorate and personalize. I even included some Explorers and other girls who needed something to do before our meeting started.

Here is the link to the PDF document: Thank Our Troops. I printed it on cardstock, cut it in half, and folded it for the girls. They really enjoyed making them - especially knowing that they could honor our country by giving thanks to our troops and veterans.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

American Heritage Girls - Pathfinders - Honor My Country

We're back in the swing of things at AHG and my little Pathfinders have lost their shyness and are full-blown gigglers. We have spent 2 meetings on Honor My Country. The first being used to complete our Pathfinder Paperbag Book pages regarding this topic.

At the recent meeting, half of my time was used by one of the Pioneers who came and worked on a craft with the girls. This craft is something that will be used at our camp out in a couple weeks during our Sunday worship service. They decorated the fingers of a garden glove with different colored pom-poms and googly eyes to make Gospel Fuzzies. (To see what it looks like: Gospel Fuzzies Example)

The rest of the time was spent fulfilling a requirement for the Honor My Country requirement. I told them again about the significance of the American Flag, its colors, number of stripes and stars, and then they got to make their own flag - if they could design their country's flag.

By using just a piece of construction paper, some tape, and a shish-kabob skewer, I made the base of the flag. They used markers and I helped them cut out shapes to glue on.

I forgot to take pictures at the meeting - but here is SugarBee's flag creation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Advent Activities

Every year we prepare Advent activities for the girls. This year is no different! I couldn't find my list from last year, so I wanted to make sure and post one this year so I can remember what we do/did!

I plan it based on our traveling schedule and events that are already going on that coordinate with our Christmas celebration. This is the official plan - in case nothing changes...

(1) MAIL CHRISTMAS CARDS (if I get them all done over Thanksgiving!)
(3) CC CHRISTMAS PARTY (party with our homeschool group)
(6) DATE ALL DAY WITH MOMMY OR DADDY (I'm taking Ladybug away with friends for a mother/daughter weekend, and Daddy is taking SugarBee to the zoo for a zookeeper talk and feeding the giraffes - and whatever else they come up with)
(9) MAKE TASTY TREATS FOR CHURCH WORKERS (usually, Rice Crispy Treats)
(18) MUSEUM (perhaps children's too?)
(21) FAMILY Christmas
(24) READ Christmas story from the BIBLE